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Murder Monroe was established in April 2017 by Marilyn Benefield, Taylor Jones and Robin Murray. They released their self titled EP in August 2017, which was submitted for consideration to the 2017 Grammy Awards. Although not nominated, they were able to excel to the final platform to be considered for a nomination.  After losing their drummer, Brandon Baker, to a severe hand injury, Edward Garcia joined the band as their permanent drummer in April 2018. They also lost their bassist around the same time and instead of bringing anyone else on, Robin picked up the bass and decided to learn. Although a fairly new band, Murder Monroe has opened for bigger bands such as Hed PE, American Hitmen, Crazy Town, Bret Michaels and Jack Russell's Great White.

Marilyn Benefield, the band's lead guitar player, has been playing for around 25 years. She already knew five chords at the age of 8. She has been in several bands throughout her life and has had the privilege of opening up for The Independents, The Ataris and Buck Cherry. Her influences are Pink Floyd, Placebo, Queensryche and Concrete Blonde.

Robin Murray, the band's bassist and lead vocalist, has always loved to play the guitar and sing since she was little. One of her first influences was Eddie Rabbit. She would constantly rewind his tape to keep listening to "I Love a Rainy Night ". She joined her first band in 2015 as the lead singer of Minus the Richards and this is where she met Marilyn. Sadly, the band parted ways about 6 months later and Robin and Marilyn joined a new band, Escape Theory. Robin's main rock influence began with Aerosmith.

Taylor Jones joined Escape Theory in 2016 as a second guitarist. There were several issues with another member of the band and this is how Murder Monroe was formed. Taylor is Murder Monroe's rhythm guitarist and takes the lead herself at times. She is the youngest member of the band, 22 years old, and has been playing since the age of 13. Even though Taylor is the youngest, she has the oldest soul in the band and has many influences including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Joan Jett.

Edward Garcia, the youngest of 8 children, is the only musician out of all his siblings. He has always shown an interest in drums. His inspirations arose from his 7th grade band instructor; Mr. Bob Newman and many others such as; John Bonham, Keith Moon, Peter Chris, Tommie Lee, Neil Pert and Charlie Watts . His number one inspiration is Rick Allen, the one-armed Thunder God. Rick Allen inspired Edward even before his accident. Edward was in his junior high and high school band but was not allowed to play the drums; instead, he was given the trumpet. He was finally given the time his senior year to play the drums and learned to play on his first trap set. He graduated in 1988 with a scholarship to Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX but was not able to attend due to financial reasons. He ended up joining the army in 1989. Edward was deployed to Desert Storm in 1991 and was honorably discharged in 1993. He has been in several bands since his return but always had dreams of finding a band exactly like the one he is in now, Murder Monroe. He is also the first and only band member to have the band logo tattooed on his arm.

Murder Monroe just released their sophomore album in September of 2018. They also released several different cover songs in 2019. They continue to line up as many shows as possible and practice every week. They are very dedicated to what they do and everything that they write together. It has been said on multiple occasions that their music brings an enjoyable experience to all generations.

Meet the Band


Robin Murray

Vocalist/ Bassist



Marilyn Benefield

Lead Guitarist/ Vocals


Taylor Jones

Rhythm Guitarist

Edward Garcia



  • Dedicated to her girlfriend
  • huge dog lover and two specific cats
  • curses like a sailor when inebriated


  • Addicted to Comic Cons
  • Loves Sci-Fi and horror movies
  • Hero is Nikola Tesla
  • Terrifed of spiders


  • Procrastinates at getting the website person her facts list...among other things (hehe)
  • Awesome artist
  • Does a killer impression of her mother getting on to her.


  • Terrific father
  • Attracts the wrong kind of women
  • Wants to be reincarnated as a wolf
  • Single! Holla at ya boy! 🙂

The United States of America. "Love it..or Leave it."

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